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The Reinsch Pierce Family Center for Breast Health at Virginia Hospital Center is the first facility of its kind in Northern Virginia, with all services under one roof and three board-certified female surgeons dedicated exclusively to diseases of the breast. In the past several years, numerous technological advances, supported by clinical trials, have allowed for improved breast disease diagnosis and treatment. At the Reinsch Pierce Family Center for Breast Health, we have incorporated this technology into our knowledge base and overall treatment plan, so as to provide the safest and most advanced effective evaluation, management, and treatment for our patients.

During your initial visit, our advanced in-office ultrasound can supplement our careful physical examination to provide you with an accurate breast evaluation and to form the basis of our treatment plan. Each treatment plan will be outlined for you, with the options based upon your individual characteristics. Routine follow-up, including mammogram frequency, ultrasound, and breast MRI will also be discussed and arranged. When indicated, counseling for genetic testing and risk assessment is also available.

In addition to in-office diagnostic ultrasound, our facility also provides ultrasound-guided minimally-invasive Mammotome breast biopsies. If clinically indicated, stereotactic breast biopsies and breast MRI are arranged for you by our dedicated staff. The latest in breast cancer surgical techniques such as sentinel node excision, oncoplastic surgical techniques, and accelerated partial breast irradiation are also offered when appropriate.

Technological advances have also improved the management and treatment of benign breast disease. Because most breast masses are benign, surgical excision has traditionally resulted in “peace of mind” at the expense of permanent scars. The ultrasound-guided cyst aspirations and minimally-invasive ultrasound-guided breast biopsies routinely performed in our office allow for the same peace of mind but without the surgical scar. Other conditions, including breast pain, fibrocystic breast disease, and routine clinical breast exams are all an integral part of our practice.

The Reinsch Pierce Family Center for Breast Health’s unique location within Virginia Hospital Center allows for provision of multiple services in one location. Expanded operating room availability shortens any wait time for surgery. In-hospital digital mammography and breast MRI make it possible to provide these imaging services on the same day as your office visit. Close collaboration with dedicated breast medical oncologists and radiation oncologists is the norm. We also have a patient navigator who can assist with scheduling appointments, answering questions and coordinating care.

The all-female staff in the Center’s surgical office works hard to provide courteous, comprehensive, and professional care in a timely manner. Please call the office at 703.717.4217 to arrange a consultation.

Chilli Amar's First Mammogram
MIX 107.3's, Chilli Amar recently had her first digital mammogram at Virginia Hospital Center's Women's Imaging Center. Take a moment to view this mammogram documentary and share in her experience. To schedule your digital mammogram at Virginia Hospital Center, call 703.558.8500.

What's New

The Reinsch Pierce Family Center for Breast Health is dedicated to educating our community about new technology and treatment advances for women with breast disease. Periodically, we will highlight one or more of these newer diagnostic and treatment options, so that you can make the most informed and best decision for your breast care.

Top Doctor!

Our Medical Director, Dr. Stephanie R. Akbari has been voted a Top Doctor for 2013 by Northern Virginia Magazine!

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